Solid State Lasers

Solid-state lasers provide the most versatile radiation source in terms of output characteristics when compared to other laser systems. A large range of output parameters, such as average and peak power, pulse repetition rate, pulse width and wavelength, can be attained with these systems. Today we find solid-state lasers in industry as tools in many manufacturing processes, in hospitals and in doctors’ offices as radiation sources for therapeutic, aesthetic, and surgical procedures, in research facilities as part of the diagnostic instrumentation, and in military systems as rangefinders, target designators, and infrared countermeasure systems.


  • Generation and amplification of ultrashort mid-infrared pulses
  • Spectroscopy and laser performance of in-band pumped Er:LLF and Er:YLF crystals
  • Q-switched 1.55 µm laser performance of Er,Yb:GdAl3(BO3)4 diode-pumped laser
  • Spectroscopic and laser properties of Tm3+ optical centers in BaF2 single crystal and ceramics
  • Adaptation of the Er-Yb microchip laser for use in phasesensitive optical time domain reflectometry
  • Generation of microjoule subcycle pulses in the mid infrared
  • Broadband ultrafast photonics in graphene
  • Glass-ceramics with Co2+:ZnO nanocrystals: novel saturatable absorber for Er lasers
  • NIR photoluminescence of Bi+ impurity center in RbY2Cl7 ternary chloride crystal

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