Semiconductor Lasers

Semiconductor lasers are lasers based on semiconductor gain media, where optical gain is usually achieved by stimulated emission at an interband transition under conditions of a high carrier density in the conduction band.
Within only a few decades, the semiconductor laser diode has advanced into a family of robust, reliable devices, with individual conversion efficiencies of better than 60 percent, continuous output powers of several kilowatts, modulation rates of several tens of gigahertz, and wavelengths from 0.4 to beyond 2 µm.

  • Self-mode-locked semiconductor disk laser
  • μm InAs quantum dot semiconductor disk laser
  • Infrared, green, and blue-violet pulsed lasers based on semiconductor structures
  • Semiconductor laser based optical frequency combs - applications in communications and signal processing
  • Integrated mode locked laser systems in semiconductor photonic integrated circuits
  • Novel approach for transverse mode engineering in edge-emitting semiconductor lasers
  • Dislocations in LD and LED semiconductor heterostructures

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