Lasers Types

There are numerous categories of lasers accessible for research, medical, industrial, and commercial uses.  Lasers are time and again described by the kind of lasing medium they use - solid state, gas, excimer, dye, or semiconductor.

Lasers are also categorized by the interval of laser emission - continuous wave or pulsed laser. A Q-Switched laser is a pulsed laser which includes a shutter-like device that does not permit emission of laser light until opened.

  • Gas laser
  • Solid state laser
  • Dye laser
  • Chemical laser
  • Excimer lasers
  • Semiconductor lasers
  • Ruby laser
  • Rare earth ion lasers
  • YAG lasers
  • Helium-neon laser
  • Free-electron lasers
  • X-Ray lasers

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